The PISCATORS JOURNAL is a collection of ramblings, stories, and thought on fishing. It's online magazine rather than a blog - you can download it and read it under your brolly without having to worry about internet connections. There have been 7 episodes so far so there's plenty to keep you occupied. Have a fishy story to tell? They're always looking for new talent.

THE SECRET ANGLER - to the point, no nonsense blog that doesn't pull any punches. One entry titled 'The persistent problem with fishing articles' made us blush with embarrasment here at  Efgeeco Towers - we've fallen into every cliché that is mentioned. Other targets include The Riverfly Partnership with a blog titled 'Citizen Science or Data Dogsbodies'. You get the idea. It's blog that won't stroke anyone's ego. It's irresistible!!

PISCATORIAL QUAGSWAGGING - is the diary of specialist angler Mick Newey who fishes in and around the Warwickshire Avon and its tributaries. The name alone summons up so many images that you've got to have a look. 


LOOK YE ALSO - is Stephen Cullen's blog about fishing, food, tractors, and tea drinking. Everything is there for an afternoon in front of the fire.


KEVIN PARR is  a writer, a fisherman, and amateur naturalist. He is a regular contributor to Countryfile Magazine and is deputy editor for the legendary Fallon's Angler Magazine. His blog is a beautifully written account of his interests. 


BOB ROBERTS has been one of the UK's highest profile anglers for over 30 years. He's been a match fisherman, a carp angler, and an all-round specialist angler, his blog is a culmination of decades of experience where he's seen many changes in the industry. So interesting.


JON BARRAT aka The Fishing Vicar is a clergyman, an angler, and a lover of the great outdoors. A perusal of his site might also take you to the wonderfully named Walton's Rucksack - christian meditations, thoughts, and devotions that you might expect form an angling clergyman. 


CAUGHT BY THE RIVER is a wonderful clash of arts, nature, and culture. With so much to see, read, hear, and watch we highly recommend a visit. Be warned, you may never be the same again! Click here but please don't forget to come back!!


THE IDLER The name says it all really! Anglers by their very nature could be described as idlers. We know different of course - a static body and torpid demeanour do not mean an inactive mind. Go here to swell your knowledge of all things worldly and more importantly use what you've gleaned to celebrate victory at the school quiz. Click here for a boosted reputation within the PTA.


HUGH MILES  Almost needing no introduction Hugh Miles if you don't know or can't remember is the wonderful wildlife film maker responsible for A PASSION FOR ANGLING and CATCHING THE IMPOSSIBLE. His other work takes him around the globe with David Attenborough, the BBC, ITV, National Geographic, and Discovery. Click here but be prepared to wonder what you've been doing with your life!


WHERE GREEN ROADS MEET Dickie Straker describes himself as an inveterate daydreamer, loafer, and enthusiast of many things including Tunnock's Teacakes, watching clouds, and Roy of the Rovers. Thats right - you know you're already going to love his blog. Click here to enter his world.



THE RETRO ANGLER - This blog and website is so good I fear you won't want to come back here. Rods, reels, tackle, places - everything is there for the traditional angler.  Oh go on. Have a look. Just don't forget to come back here from time to time! Promise?


Can't see your favourite blog here!! Get in touch to tell us what we've been missing.